Infinite Creations For Your Event

Gifts in a Sculptured Balloon

Looking for something different?

Balloons Infinity has created the gift that is definitely different.

Gifts in a sculptured balloon are clear or printed balloons with a gift inside that has a sculptured balloon character head and bottom. They make great baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, Mother’s and Father’s day gifts, Valentine’s day gifts and can be made to suit your needs.

  • Balloon babies with gift
  • Stork with gift
  • bugs with eggs
  • clown with gift
  • devil with gift
  • Bob with gift
  • Hello Kitty with gift
  • I love you beary much
  • Minnie with gift
  • panda with gift
  • small bunny with eggs
  • Homer with gift
  • Perfume bottle gift
  • Sylvester and Tweety
  • Stig with gift
  • Rudolf with gift